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Sample Talks

Based on my expertise in pedagogy, education, and inequality, I have given a variety of talks to various audiences. Below are samples of talks I have given in the past. Feel free to reach out if your program or university is interested in having me speak.

Image by javier trueba

Participation Assessment

In this talk, I explain my award-winning participation assessment, why faculty should use it, and how to implement it in a variety of courses. For an accessible overview of the system, see this blog post.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Grading  and Inequality

In this talk, previously given at the American Sociological Association's Teaching and Learning Pre-conference, I explain how many traditional forms of grading result in unintended inequalities and strategies to overcome this problem.

Image by Juan Ramos

Supporting First-Gen Students in the Classroom

In this professional development oriented talk for faculty and staff, I explore barriers that research shows first generation college students are likely to encounter and explain concrete solutions you can implement to reduce those barriers.

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